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It's time to talk about the delight of every platform engineer and the nightmare of every developer - CI/CD pipelines. With the emergence of Github Actions as one of the most prevalent tools for pipelines it is worth developing reusable actions for these pipelines.

Github actions, if public, are reusable by anyone else on Github. If private and within an organisation they can be reused within that organisation. This makes it incredibly easy to develop reusable chunks of code across a team.

For example, as I spoke about in linting terraform these steps can be applicable across many repositories. Having a local repository with the following code:

# example-repository/.github/workflows/pretty_terraform.yml name: "Check if terraform is pretty" on: workflow_call: inputs: tf_ver: type: string default: 1.3.0 creds_token: type: string required:true jobs: terraform_fmt: name: "Terraform fmt" runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Checkout uses: actions/checkout@v3 - name: Setup Terraform uses: hashicorp/setup-terraform@v2 with: terraform_version: ${{ inputs.tf_ver }}} cli_config_credentials_token: ${{ inputs.creds_token }}} - name: Terraform fmt id: fmt run: terraform fmt -check -recursive

Means that it can be referenced in the following way in an entirely different repository:

# example-infra-repo/.github/workflows/pretty.yml name: "lint terraform" on: push jobs: lint: name: "Initial lint of terraform" uses: example-repository/.github/workflows/pretty_terraform.yml@main with: creds_token: "blahblah"

The benefits here really reflect the DRY principle meaning that multiple deployments can be modified at once rather than having to be done individually. Additionally the end of the uses key has a reference to the branch (in this case main) however this can be development branches, released versions, anything.

These actions can also be baked into Github repo configurations meaning that each repository will have the same checks run on them. This can be useful for secrets checking, code quality or general security concerns.

After working with Jenkins, Travis CI and ArgoCD I am thoroughly convinced that Github actions is the way to go.