Joseph Welling - Platform Engineer 🐊


Platform engineer with a passion for infrastructure, sre, k8s and collaboration. Chess Failure, Plant Dad, Commie, Queer Nightmare.

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Technical Skills

Work Experience

Platform Engineer at Scout24 (December 2021 - Present)

Working within the Cloud Architecture team to develop robust systems for deploying applications using k8s, datadog, AWS, jenkins, etc. Experience developing custom k8s controllers, handling releases, incident management, SRE, security and architectural decisions. Organised several clubs within the company and lead reviews on internal ceremonies. Experience with incident management and on-call. Ambassador the LGBTQIA+ Community Group.

Junior Backend Software Engineer at Alteos (January 2021 - December 2021)

Experience developing API endpoints, managing databases including migrations, writing unit, integration and end to end tests and working in line with the business team to deliver features in a agile environment. A focus on authentication, working in finance related services and data processing. Working in both TypeScript and Golang using an AWS, k8s, PSQL and CI/CD environment. Designed and implemented a Prometheus custom middleware to track traffic across all clusters and docker images, lead multiple team events such as cultural exchanges and book clubs.

Software Engineer at Le Wagon (July 2020 - December 2020)

Experience teaching Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS and Rails framework. Lead a team of 4 on a two week project sprint including code review, agile standups and deadline management.